Small Vertical and Horizontal Axis turbines from 300 watts to 50 Kilowatts
Large Scale Turbines of multi-megawatt range

Diverse views have been shared so far on the potential of Wind Energy in Qatar. A number of initial feasibility studies however, have established that good conditions exist for medium and small wind turbines.
Measured throughout the year, wind speed over Qatar capped the critical speed for 80% of the time, thus determining economic feasibility, with offshore locations being most favourable.

Through our partnership with wind turbines manufacturer, Aeolos, we break new ground in the region, offering wind energy solutions that can scale up from individual homes and residential communities to larger developments. Our first installation of Aeolos turbines in Qatar helps power the Kahramaa Awareness Park, which aims to be a benchmark for innovative educational structures in the region. These turbines will feed valuable data on local wind conditions in support of learning and market growth.
With over 30 years of accumulated experience, Aeolos has installed wind turbines in over 60 countries and regions. Their ultimate ambitious vision is to establish wind on par with fossil fuel


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