Aug 25 2014

Interns complete KOPERNIK program

The first  two interns have just completed thieir KOPERNIK training with IUME for 2014.

Earlier this summer, Innovatins Unlimited ME has introduced “KOPERNIK”, a Renewable Energy Internship Program designed for Electrical Engineering students in Qatar to capitalise on the unique opportunity of hands-on training.

KOPERNIK aims to contribute to the creation of a qualified local workforce that derives its knowledge from local projects, putting to practical use the learnings from local data under local conditions.

The program presents students with theoretical, practical and onsite opportunities that culminate in a project assignment to conclude the internship with factual takeaways in real-life application.

In the few weeks stretch of the program, the students have shadowed various mentors at IUME, spending time in the office and on site, getting introduced to the various facets that structure a renewable energy business in the country. From understanding local and regional drivers, targets and strategies, drilling into feasible technologies, designing system applications, observing project progress, and conducting site inspections, the student is involved in the full spectrum of a project implementation – a unique opportunity in a nascent industry.

Through KOPERNIK, IUME eagerly strives to inspire generations of young engineers to becoming the clean energy experts that Qatar will be counting on to turn its vision into reality.

KOPERNIK opened its first edition in summer 2014 with two students coming from two colleges in Qatar and is planned to be a yearly engagement to which top achieving electrical engineering students with interests in renewable energies will compete for their spot.


Interns Rehab and Mohammed share their thoughts about KOPERNIK “It’s a valuable opportunity, we don’t often get the chance tovisit construction sites during our college years; with KOPERNIK we can observe closely the work on site chaperoned by project managers” – “renewable energy is increasingly under spotlights in the region, I am personally very enthusiastic about its potential and KOPERNIK is giving me the opportunity to work with a team that is delivering the very early projects in my country”.

Being the first program of its kind in Qatar and likely in the region, KOPERNIK is set to stir the interest of students in technologies that promise to play a major role in the future energy scene of oil rich countries of the gulf.  It similarly plays an important role in pacing the educational curriculum of participating colleges, by equipping interns with valuable intelligence around the reality of requirements and implementations on the ground, thus steering subjects that need to be covered in the next phases of their college education.

The team at IUME commits time and effort in coaching the students and sharpening their skills throughout the program, ensuring they make the most out of their syllabus. Ending with a guided assignment for the project of their choice selected from a pool of suggestions made by their coach to be designed and presented to the team at the conclusion of the program.