Photovoltaic systems

Through our strategic partnership with the leading Austrian manufacturer KIOTO SOLAR, we offer high quality, reliable PV modules with actual performance warranty for 25 years. Visit our projects section to view our installations of KIOTO modules.

KIOTO SOLAR has developed its internal innovative production process with a high degree of automation involving industrial robots and photoelectric sensors that ensure a consistently high quality standard for every individual PV module.

With components selected exclusively from European sources, KIOTO PV modules are certifiable fully made in Europe and continuously undergo the TÜV Rheinland rigorous certification process along with other third party accreditations.

KIOTO PV modules are among the industry’s highest in efficiency rate and offer a range of monocrystalline and polycrystalline module power.

On-going R&D ensures KIOTO PV modules are constantly improving on performance and innovation; the new smart modules are equipped with an MPP tracker that ensures each module achieves optimum performance without affecting the string in case of shading.

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KPV Solar, the leading Austrian solar-power-plant-developer and partner of KIOTO, is a close collaborator of powergreen. KPV provides years of extensive experience in the turnkey realisation of large PV power plants, designed for longevity and superior investor returns. Together we have engineered and implemented some of the pioneering projects in Qatar and continue to cooperate on multi-megawatt projects in the region.

Similarly, we work closely with ENcome Energy Performance, another partner of KIOTO and KPV specialising in performance optimisation and lifecycle management of solar power plants. With ENcome, we offer a full range of operation and maintenance schemes adapted to each project size. The established expertise of ENcome along with their proprietary monitoring infrastructure, complements our local capabilities and resources to ensure a streamlined O&M process for our clients.


Solar Thermal Systems

As a supplier and system integrator of solar thermal energy systems, we strive to optimise the advantages of solar energy in the sun-rich countries by alleviating the demand for hot water from conventional electrical sources and switching to free renewable ones.

Our partners help us deliver on our mission through close collaboration with our specialized engineers to offer optimum and scalable technical solutions.

Our partners have been developing, producing and distributing high-quality solar collectors and stratified tanks, which withstand extreme climatic conditions, for over 25 years. Constantly active in R&D, they strive to optimise the advantages of solar energy through test labs located in various countries.

Our installations of TISUN collectors include Msheireb Downtown in Qatar and can be found under our Projects section.


Solar Lighting

We are a firm believer in the power of renewables to recondition our energy usage habits. Starting from the basics, we partner with Photinus to provide solar lighting solutions that are easy to adopt and impossible to be overlooked thanks to their modern designs.

Austria-based “Photinus” has been established with the mission to innovate in the solar lighting field. It is the main principle that drives the company’s production line, resulting in the patent of the highest efficiency photovoltaic modules used in their designs.
Photinus’ core competence lies in the ability to implement lighting points with superior light distribution anywhere and under any climatic condition, thanks to superior photovoltaic technologies and a seamless integration with the sophisticated Photinus control system.

Solar Light solutions range from individually acquired solar lamps to complete lighting solutions for roads, footpaths, bicycle lanes, parks, parking lots, waterfronts, sports arenas, camping facilities, playgrounds, residential areas, alleyways of private houses, and gardens.

Solar lights are a practical and economical solution in places where conventional electricity supply is unreliable or unavailable.

Our extensive work with a range of clients of varying requirements every time, has equipped us with a wealth of know-how in solar lights solution engineering. Get is touch to know how we can adapt our system to meet your exact needs from complete stand alone solutions to hybrid implementations and seamless integration.


Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

Through our partnership with ertex-solar, we deliver unique photovoltaic solutions that perfectly combine aesthetics with solar energy generation. Our offerings include building-integrated photovoltaic systems, transparent PV modules and limitless architectural designs. Our BIPV modules are fitted on the Falcon Tower in Qatar, making it the first tower in the region to feature this technology. Visit our projects section for more details.

With 60 years of glass construction experience, Ertex-solar manufactures and markets solar modules for building integration in an aesthetic, economical and technical fashion. Applications of these modules can be applied to roofs, façades, winter gardens, sound protection, shading, art installations and more.


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