Engineering Scope

Encompassing a range of renewable energy technologies, our engineering services revolve around electricity generation from solar thermal systems, photovoltaics and wind. Solar architecture plays a key role in our thorough engineering allowing seamless integration of our technologies with modern building techniques. Our installed projects illustrate a variety of verified methods that we continue to expand on.

We address projects starting from the feasibility analysis of a renewable solution as a first step and of the chosen system as the next consideration. This involves a valuable counselling phase to our clients when their plans have not locked in yet on a defined solution. Regardless of the type of system chosen, we make sure it will deliver optimum results by simulating ideal and worst-case scenarios and adapting our design accordingly

Technology procurement then closes the loop on our engineering scope, where our valuable international partner network provides a reliable delivery of high quality, supported and guaranteed components.

Implementation Scope

Our understanding of local dynamics and our use of local resources in the markets where we operate, gives us a great boost in the timeline and quality of our installation cycle.

Our teams are highly trained on our systems and certified by our technology component manufacturers. They stand behind our award winning projects that have set the benchmark in the market.

Our portfolio includes on-grid and off-grid installations and our techniques adapt with flexibility to client expectations and requirements.

O&M Scope

Technical Operations

Renewable Energy is recognised for its uncomplicated operations. Still a number of measures are needed to benchmark asset performance.

Optimising the performance and energy yield of our installations is achieved through our comprehensive O&M services encompassing preventive and corrective maintenance, tests, repairs, monitoring and spare parts. Observing our projects closely has revealed a 2-3% average increase in yield due to effective O&M.

Our assigned task-related project teams ensure timely reporting and flexible on-site service timelines, rendering infinite support for your

Cleaning Services

Clean solar panels produce more electricity than dirty panels. This makes cleaning an important point of consideration for our clients.

We devise our cleaning technique based on factors that govern each installation. For instance, the size of a project guides the choice of cleaning, manual or automatic; its location and accessibility influence dry versus wet cleaning techniques. With our tried-and-true robot systems, clients get the best there is out there.