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Msheireb Downtown

Msheireb Properties aims to bring together traditional and modern concepts using innovative eco-friendly technologies to generate energy for its 5.5$bn “Doha Land” project located in the heart of Doha.

With sustainability at the core of this development, we implement the photovoltaic and solar thermal systems in multiple phases of this project to support Msheireb in achieving its energy conservation and CO2 emissions targets.

Upon completion of all phases, the development will represent the biggest concentration of LEED certified buildings in the world.


TYPE: Roof-mounted Photovoltaic System
SIZE: 1.7MWp
LOCATION: Doha, Qatar
COMPLETION: 2014-15: 600KW completed 2015: 1.1MW On-going

TYPE: Solar Thermal Water Heating System
SIZE: 280 sqm of flat plate collectors
LOCATION: Doha, Qatar