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Aspire Edutainment Complex

Kidzania offers the unique, interactive edutainment experience for children between 4 and 14. It’s a world where they can safely play, explore and learn about the adult world in a city built entirely for ‘kidz’.

This building located within the Aspire Zone in Qatar that boasts some of the world’s finest sport training facilities offering a unique sport, sports medicine, research and education destination for the international sports industry.

Equipped with a blend of solar applications, Aspire Edutainment complex showcases revolutionary and high efficient green building concepts.


TYPE: Grid-Tie Solar Photovoltaic System, Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic System, Solar Thermal Water Heating System
SIZE: 81 kWp, 108 kWp, 12000 Litres
LOCATION: Aspire Zone Doha, Qatar