Solar Energy

Our renewable energy products portfolio covers a range of solar and wind products that we offer through our network of preferred technology providers. Premium quality is a primary focus that allows us to tie up with the industry’s leading firms to achieve our commitment to a sustainable environment.


Photovoltaic systems

Through Austria’s largest PV manufacturer KIOTO SOLAR, we offer high quality, reliable Photovoltaic modules with actual performance warranty for 25 years. Visit our projects section to view our PV installations.

Highly automated production processes, all-European components, rigorous third party certifications, high module efficiency and continuous improvement through R&D are all factors that make KIOTO a preferred partner.

The KIOTO group of companies comprises KPV Solar, the solar-power-plant-developer, and ENcome Energy Performance, who is specialised in performance optimisation and lifecycle management of solar power plants. Together with these companies, we have engineered and implemented some of the pioneering projects in Qatar and continue to cooperate on multi-megawatt projects in the region.

We offer a full range of operation and maintenance schemes adapted to each project size. The established expertise of ENcome along with their state-of-the-art monitoring infrastructure, complements our local capabilities and resources to ensure a streamlined O&M process for our clients.

Solar Thermal Systems

As a supplier and system integrator of solar thermal energy systems, we strive to optimise the advantages of solar energy in the sun-rich countries by alleviating the demand for hot water from conventional electrical sources and switching to free renewable ones.

TISUN helps us deliver on our mission through close collaboration with our specialized engineers to offer optimum and scalable technical solutions. The company has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality solar collectors and stratified tanks, which withstand extreme climatic conditions, for over 25 years.


Solar Cooling

Today, the main application of solar cooling is the air conditioning of buildings. In warm countries like the Middle East, approximately 70% of all electricity is used for air conditioning; the potential of the technology is endless in this region. Through our solar cooling system design we aim to offer reliable solutions that would reduce peak time demand with potentially large savings on the national grid.

Solar Lighting

We are a firm believer in the power of renewables to recondition our energy usage habits. Starting from the basics, we partner with Photinus to provide solar lighting solutions that are easy to adopt and impossible overlook thanks to their modern designs.

Our Solar Lights solutions range from individually acquired solar lamps to complete lighting solutions for roads, parks,  sports arenas, residential areas, and many more.

Our extensive work with a range of clients of varying requirements, has equipped us with a wealth of know-how in solar lights solution engineering. Get in touch to know how we can adapt our system to meet your exact needs for a seamless integration.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic

The BIPV technology stands out from conventional PV modules by allowing for an unlimited range of architectural implementations that deliver unique aesthetic designs combined with sustainable energy generation. From module colour variations to transparency levels, the possibilities are ever so innovative. Visit our projects section to see the first vertical BIPV installation in region.



Wind Energy

The potential of Wind Energy in the GCC region has been a much debated topic in the past few years. A number of initial feasibility studies have established that good conditions exist for medium and small wind turbines.

Measured throughout the year, wind speed over Qatar for example capped the critical speed for 80% of the time, thus determining economic feasibility, with offshore locations being most favorable.

Offering small and large-scale wind turbines, we break new ground in the region, with wind energy solutions that can scale up from individual homes and residential communities to larger developments. Our first installation of vertical axis turbines in Qatar helps power the Kahramaa Awareness Park, which aims to be a benchmark for innovative educational structures in the region. These turbines will feed valuable data on local wind conditions in support of learning and market growth.


Sustainable Lighting

Solar Lighting Solutions

Whether custom-building our systems or procuring through our partner Photinus, we provide solar lights that seamlessly integrate with the required project environment.

Austria-based “Photinus” has been established with the mission to innovate in the solar lighting field. It is the main principle that drives the company’s production line, resulting in the patent of the highest efficiency photovoltaic modules used in their designs.
Photinus’ core competence lies in the ability to implement lighting points with superior light distribution anywhere and under any climatic condition, thanks to superior photovoltaic technologies and a seamless integration with the sophisticated Photinus control system.

Solar lights are a practical and economical solution in places where conventional electricity supply is unreliable or unavailable.

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

This type of lighting solutions focuses on reducing energy costs by using efficient lighting technologies and an optimized light control system. The full solution is designed to strike a perfect balance between natural and artificial light, resulting in highly artistic settings that preserve and underline architectural qualities.