Who is powergreen

Powergreen is a Renewable Energy Company that has built an entrenched regional expertise in the engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of exemplary clean tech solutions with an ongoing extended portfolio of contracts in the Gulf & Egypt and a progressive pipeline across the region.

Established in Doha Qatar in 2009 – under the original name of Innovations Unlimited, to offer renewable energy solutions Powergreen has focused relentlessly on quality and customer service. Recruiting specialists in their fields and partnering with expert organizations that have led international success stories in renewable energy implementations, the company has built a solid capacity to offer top-level counseling from the conception of a project to its delivery, and post-sale service.

From the new offices in Cairo, Powergreen is offering its core services in addition to expanding its business into the new field of Biofuels – recycling waste materials to produce clean forms of fuel.

Solar Energy

Photovoltaic Systems
Solar Thermal Systems
Solar Lighting
Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

Wind Energy

Small Vertical and Horizontal Axis turbines up to 50 Kilowatts


ISCC Certified recycling facility
Feedstock for Biofuel production



P.O. Box 63178 Doha - Qatar

Tel: +974 44643465 Fax: +974 44507181

E-mail: info@powergreen.com



Greek Campus West – 6th of October, Giza

Tel: +20 1011223568

E-mail: info@powergreen.com